Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Linked in - a tool for interview research

This is a good post from Guy Kawasaki. He discusses using the LinkedIn tool to avoid asshole bosses.

The book this refers to The No Asshole Rule is something I had to order from Amazon. I find organisational theory and psychology in the workplace very complex and hard to navigate, I enjoy reading things which distil other peoples experience in little nuggets of knowledge.

There is a reason I wanted to write about this post from Guy. I see that his comments help give a backdrop for the comments I wrote about on writing your own interview questions. I consider that understanding how Guy explains the view of the asshole boss is kinda like taking a step back and looking at how others view yourself. See things from other people's point of view.

That's the core of my advice to help others become good at taking interviews. If you can empathise with the interviewer, you can win them over.

I've said this before:
  • You are candidate 20 of 35. Make an impression, get inside their head (What Women Want, in a sort of non-Mel Gibson way).
  • Engage with the interviewer and make them feel loved (i.e. not an asshole?).
  • You get my gist, and the analogy doesn't take much of a beating to fall over... :-)
Still planning to blog a bit about the questions I've used / had asked of me and what I think of them. Busy with life at the moment though, not really seen the beige box for a while.

Anyway, rant over...
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