Sunday, 15 April 2007

Parkour - when things go wrong

Awesome stuff this, if a little unhinged...

I first saw Parkour on Top Gear. James May was racing through Liverpool in a 205 against 2 parkour tracers. It was awesome. The parkour tracers won of course

Then came Casion Royale, with the opening chase scene. Again amazing stuff, unbelievable at times.

I didn't really know what is was called until recently. So when I found out, I opened up, did a quick search and found a few gems (and more searching will show you many, many more).

Only then did I actually have a sicko moment. What happens when it goes wrong?

Clickty click. Here's what can happen.

Very impressive when it all hangs together, but my god that must hurt when it doesn't.
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