Monday, 16 April 2007

Synchronising data - Handy

(Following my post about Sync'ing data)

I've failed so far to get any of the Lotus Notes utilities to export to Google or Fumbol servers from within the NAG network (behind whatever firewalls exist).

Meantime, I've found a utility called Handy. It's able to take an exported Lotus Notes file and convert it into an iCal. Google calendar imports iCal's which suits my purpose.

The command line I needed was:

handy -a calendar_in -o calendar_out.ics -f dmy4/

The switches tell you:
-a : which file to use for input
-o : which file to create
-f : what is the interal input file date format

From there, it's fairly easy to import an iCal into Google Calendars.

The issues I have at the moment:
- Haven't tried to automate the Lotus Notes export. A quick search shows this isn't promising.
- I'd like to be able to export just a delta of the Notes changes. Again, doesn't look promising.
- The export benefit relies on me importing this iCal into Outlook at home to merge the calendars, or exporting my Outlook calendar to Google. Neither are my ideal.

I'm starting to think that this isn't something which is easy enough to do for the benefit it gives me. My goal I think may shortly change to simply exporting my work calendar to Google so I can view it at home.

Shame, I really like the benefit of a single calendar view... I hate giving up on goals! Grrr.
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